Sunday, July 01, 2018

Half-way through July and a new series!

It's July and halfway through 2018, and I'm happy to say I'm more than half-way through the re-release schedule of my contemporary romance series set in Harbor Falls, North Carolina!

Since October of 2017, I've been revising and re-releasing all of the titles in my old Matchmaking Chef series. This rebrand and reboot of the series include new books to the series and some major overhauls of some of the existing novellas. All books have a new look and feel and are connected to the new town of Harbor Falls, NC (used to be Legend, TN).

This week The Husband List released. Yay! It is book 9 of the 15 books series (so far) and all is on track to release book 10, The Heartbreaker, in July, book 11, Chase My Heart, in August, followed by Star Crossed, Book 12, in September, No Sweeter Match, Book 13 in October. And finally, Book 14, One More Kiss, in November, and Not This Christmas, Book 15, in December. Whew!

Yes, I will make this schedule! Then in 2019 I'm happy to report new titles in the works for both the Maddie James and Sophie Jacobs pen names. 2019 will be here before we know it!

Here are the details on The Husband List!

The Husband List
A Harbor Falls Romance, Book 9, Sweet Hart Inn

When Suzie Hart’s success as the matchmaking chef hits the national foodie scene, her publicist produces a list of requirements totally unrelated to Suzie’s newfound cooking show success. Interested more in Suzie’s matchmaking talents, Patricia Plum presents, The Husband List. 

Patricia Plum knows she’s attracted to commitment-phobic men. Worse, they are attracted to her. Unlucky on her own in the couples department, she asks her new client for help. If Suzie Hart is as good as everyone claims, Patricia feels confident this hot new chef-turned-matchmaker will deliver the husband of her dreams. Just to move things along, Patricia presents Suzie with a specific list of husband requirements.

Ames Cooper is Patricia’s commitment-phonic ex-boyfriend who screwed up royally in the past (both literally and figuratively) and watched her walk out of his life. He’s a dozen years her junior and doesn’t meet any of the requirements on her husband list because he’s the exact opposite of every point on her list—not to mention the reason she compiled the list to begin with.

When photographer, Ames, steps into the photo shoot for Suzie’s new cookbook and sees Patricia again, he realizes why his heart felt so empty these past three years. He regrets his past indiscretions and wonders how he can make things right with Patricia.

Will Patricia let him get close enough to prove he can be husband material, after all? And can matchmaker, Suzie Hart, really deliver Patricia’s perfect mate to order?


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Latest Release - Miss Matched Hearts by Sophie Jacobs

Miss Matched Hearts
A Harbor Falls Romance, Book 8
Sweet Hart Inn

As local celebrity chef Suzie Hart starts to step out of her regional fame and into the bigger world, she launches her debut cooking show with some local flavor—a blind date matchmaking sketch with a friend that goes south quicker than geese in winter….

Becca North doesn’t want a boyfriend—she is so off men. Her best friend Nora, however, makes boyfriend hunting a sport. When Nora, owner of the Harbor Falls’ bookstore, Nora’s Novel Niche, meets Suzie the matchmaking chef during a book signing at her store, she finagles her way into a romantic picnic blind date lunch on Suzie’s new television show. Nora drags a reluctant Becca along for moral support.

Thing is, Nora’s blind date would rather check out Becca.

Sam Ackerman understands the hazards of being childhood friends with Suzie Hart. Suzie has a way of convincing friends to do her bidding—whether they want to or not. How the landscaper gets finagled into this blind date scenario with a local book store owner is all Suzie’s doings—and the fact that he is caught up in a matchmaking scheme is not lost on him. Still, Suzie is persistent and he caves—but only as a favor. He’s not interested in dating right now, let alone get joined at the hip with some blind date, husband-hunting, boyfriend-seeker. He’s off women.

And then he spies Becca.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Have you ever been caught up in The Dating Game?

Speed dating? 
Speed eating is more like it. 

When puppy nanny, Lyssa Larkin, tells her friends she has given up on dating and is devoting her life to dogs, Suzie realizes it’s time to take matters into her own hands. She sets up a series of speed dating lunches for Lyssa at Sweet Hart Inn, designed to help the former Harbor Falls High Homecoming Queen meet as many men as possible in a short time period. Suzie knows Lyssa needs a push and some confidence—but soon realizes she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Lyssa inspects and rejects her dates in two bites and sends them on their way. Suzie wonders if Lyssa really wants to date or just eat double lunches, and worries that soon Lyssa’s hips won’t fit her dainty dining room chairs.

That is until Suzie is approached by a potential suitor who is falling for Lyssa hard and fast—one who isn’t on Suzie’s original radar screen—and can’t help working her matchmaking magic behind the speed dating scene. But will Lyssa reject this suitor as well?

The Dating Game continues the Harbor Falls, Sweet Hart Inn romance series featuring Suzie Hart’s matchmaking antics. If you like a little humor with your romance, a bit of culinary expertise mashed up with snappy dialogue, imperfect characters, and a happily-ever-after ending, then perhaps The Dating Game is for you.

Buy The Dating Game today and get ready to experience the dating woes again--or for the first time!--Suzie Hart style.

Suzie Hart is earning quite the reputation as a matchmaking chef in the small town of Harbor Falls, North Carolina. Can she navigate the dating game for Lyssa Larkin?