Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Maddie James Complete Book List

2011 Releases

Out of her League, Turquoise Morning Press, 12/11 (Maddie James)
Chosen: Full Circle, Resplendence, 11/11 (Maddie James)
Convincing Nora, Turquoise Morning Press, 7/11 (Maddie James)
Best of Legend's Landing Bed & Breakfast Cookbook, Resplendence, 4/11 (Maddie James)
One Wilde Ride, Turquoise Morning Press, 3/11 (Maddie James)

2010 Releases

Wanderlust, Resplendence, 11/09 (Maddie James)
Crazy for You, Turquoise Morning Press, 12/10 (Maddie James)
Hard Candy Kisses
, Resplendence, 8/10 (Maddie James)
Better than Chocolate, Resplendence, 7/10 (Maddie James)
The Heartbreaker, Turquoise Morning Press, 6/10 (Maddie James)
Cuffed, Again,
Resplendence, 6/10 (Mia Jae)
Falling for Grace,
Turquoise Morning Press, 5/10 (Maddie James)
Romancing the Scone, Resplendence, 5/10 (Maddie James)
Chance Encounters, A Collection of Erotic Short Stories, Resplendence Publishing, 3/10 (Mia Jae)

2009 Releases

Lust, Lies and Tinsel Ties, Resplendence Publishing, 9/09 (Mia Jae)
Red Garters, Snow & Mistletoe print anthology II, Resplendence Publishing 11/09 (Mia Jae)
Mate to Order, Resplendence, 10/09 (Maddie James)
Side Dish, Resplendence, 8/09 (Maddie James)
The Quest, Resplendence, 6/09 (Maddie James)
Dates Du Jour, Resplendence, 6/09 (Maddie James)
Hot Crossed Buns, Resplendence, 4/09 (Maddie James)
Perfectly Matched, Resplendence, 2/09 (Maddie James)

2008 Releases

Home for the Holidays
, Resplendence,11/08 (Maddie James)
A Legendary Christmas anthology, Resplendence, 11/08 (Maddie James)
Nice and Naughty, Resplendence, 11/08 (Mia Jae)
Red Ribbons, Snow and Mistletoe anthology, 11/08 (Mia Jae)
Murder on the Mountain, Resplendence, 10/08 (Maddie James)
A Perfect Escape, Resplendence, 6/08 (Maddie James)
Red: A Seduction Tale, Resplendence, 4/08 (Maddie James)
The Cult, Resplendence, 2/08 (Maddie James)
Ladies of Legend: Finding Home anthology, Resplendence 1/08 (Maddie James)

2007 Releases
Blue, Resplendence, 12/07 (Maddie James)
The Curse, Resplendence, 11/07 (Maddie James)

Backlist/Out of Print

Falling for Grace, Thorndike (reprint) 2002 (Maddie James)
Falling for Grace, Kensington, 2000 (Maddie James)
Crazy for You, Kensington, 1999 (Maddie James)
New in Town, Kensington, 1999 (Kim Whalen)
Together, Kensington, 1998 (Kim Whalen)
The Heartbreaker, Kensington, 1998 (Kim Whalen)
The Wild West, Kensington, 1997 (Kim Whalen)