Monday, April 16, 2007

Choices. They are all around us. Everyday. Good and bad. Suffer the consequences. Celebrate the successes.

I'd planned to write this weekend. Had really wanted one of those weekends where I didn't get out of my jammies from Friday night until Sunday night, where I pounded the keyboard and intravenously injected caffeine to keep me going. It was cold, rainy and ucky outside. Perfect for staying in and writing.

It didn't happen.

And it is okay. On Friday evening my daughter came to pick up some belongings she had stored here to move to her new home. Well, that's okay, I need for her to get her stuff, so I can get my stuff organized. (she'd moved in with 3 kids a few months ago) Choices. Help her get her stuff. That's a good thing. I do benefit in the end, and so does she.

Saturday morning, up early, made another choice -- work on updating the websites instead of writing. So okay, they need to be done, and my webguy had the time, which meant I needed to get the stuff to him. Saturday afternoon, haul a car load of my daughter's stuff to her house. Home by 7. Pooped. No writing. No energy. Piddle some more with the websites and check email.

Sunday. Bright idea. Let's make a new book trailer for the fall release! But wait, I was going to write. But no, this takes hold. Started it at 6 a.m., finished by noon, uploaded shortly afterward. Success! And a choice. No writing on Sunday morning. What? My newsletter is two weeks overdue, have to get contest winner announcements out (were promised today), need to blog, need to check email again, oh, and need to set up that new chat loop I wanted to start using...and, well, what about that RWA chapter booksigning thing I was supposed to do?

Choices. Good and bad. Right or wrong. I needed to get things off my plate. My head was in promo and marketing mode today. Strike while that muse is hot. Give the writing muse a weekend off.

So, that's the choice I finally made. I stopped sweating the fact that I wasn't writing this weekend and started celebrating the fact that I was still working toward my writing career. And got a lot done!

We all have choices, every single day. I suppose it just depends upon the kind of spin we put on those choices. If we spin them positively, then good things happen. If we spin them negatively, then sometimes I think we assign them a death wish.

I hope all your choices are positive. But if not, then just think -- how am I going to do this different, and better, the next time?

Time for bed. Long overdue. A choice to stay up I consciously made that is now nagging at me....

Good night.


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