Monday, April 09, 2007

I am so jazzed!

It is such a high when you finish a project and I'm still flying from typing "the end" yesterday afternoon finishing my novella. Of course, first draft, all the way through. There is still some polishing to be done. I don't think I ever really stop editing and polishing anything. I mean, I can read my book again after it has gone to print and I'll read a sentence and think...oh, that should read this way...

But it's finished, and yes, I'm excited. Maybe that is the beauty of writing a novella. It's shorter, doesn't take as long to complete, of course, and you get the satisfation of having finished something so much sooner. I should do more of those.

In fact, I am. Along with 3 other authors, we're working through an anthology. Four storytellers, four stories, four women ready to start again. That's the premise of the book. And that is my next project. As jazzed as I am from finishing the last one, I'm hoping to move through this one with high energy, too.

But of course, sometimes it doesnt' work like that. We'll see.

Now on to the next steps. Polish, edit, and get the thing off to my editor. I'll be even more jazzed if she likes it. :)


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