Friday, April 06, 2007

Shshshsh...dont' tell anyone, okay? Because, you see, there is this contest going on right now and I've got people trying to find out stuff, like, the name of my new publisher.

That's right! I am now working with a fabulous new publisher with fabulous people and fabulous authors -- I am so fabulously impressed!

You see, here is the deal. If you figure out who my publisher is, the genre of my book coming out in November, 2007, and the title -- and if you email all of that to me at by April 15, you are eligible for some prizes. What prizes? Well, for sure I know a $20 Borders Gift card and some free books. Could be more, you never know! So stay tuned.

Think you know who it is? Well, just send me an email because I'll be making my BIG ANNOUNCMENT and drawing for prizes on April 15. So hurry!

Oh, here is another clue. Check out my MySpace site (the link is provided here in my links section) and look in my friends for my possible new publisher. That might help, too!

And remember, my publisher is SUCH a gem. (oh, did I mention the link to my publisher is in my links section here?) I just love them. Good luck!

See ya,


p.s. While you are at my MySpace site, why don't you sign up for my Maddie James Newsletter, too on yahoogroups. I do contests at least quarterly and sometimes more!

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