Saturday, April 14, 2007

Writing is just soooo much more fun when you are selling!

I'm thrilled to announce that I've signed a 3-book deal with Resplendence Publishing, a new publisher that I am convinced is going to move and shake their way quite nicely into the publishing field. What a fabulous group of people – editors and authors alike – and I feel fortunate to have landed in a new publishing home.

But oh, about my books! The trilogy is based on pirate folklore with the series titled as: The Legend of Blackbeard’s Chalice. The stories span time from 1718 to 2042. The story of The Curse takes place predominately in the 18th century, with a jaunt to present day, and then back again. Its sister books, The Cult and The Quest carry the story forward into the 21st century, present day and the near future.

I like to say these books are Romantic Suspense meets Time Travel with a Paranormal flair (and oh yeah, there is some spicy sex mixed in throughout, too). Time travel is an element of each story, as is the search to posses a powerful historical artifact – a silver-plated chalice made from the pirate Blackbeard’s skull. Besides time travel, there’s a curse to be reckoned with, a guardian angel ghost, and psychic abilities to round out the paranormal effects.

What fun, huh?

The Curse is due out in November, 2007, and we’ll keep you posted about the release dates on the other two.

Until then, check out Resplendence Publishing and see what else they have in store for readers in the next few months. Watch for their launch in October!

Have a great weekend.


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Anonymous said...

The series sounds wonderful!!! And a lot of fun to write. I know you'll do well.
Congratulations on the contract!!
Teresa Reasor