Friday, May 04, 2007

Call to the Post.

If you've ever heard this famous tune being bugled across the race track, I'm sure you get chills just thinking about it. I'm not a native Kentuckian, although I've lived in this state for 32 years. It is home and I claim all there is to it. The Kentucky Derby pageantry is full of tradition, fun, parties, food, drink, and of course, horses. I've worked in the Derby city for over 7 years and have lived here almost two. Louisville and the Kentucky Derby traditions are quite unlike any I've ever seen.

The horses are beautiful. For nearly 25 years I lived in a county that boasted of some of the most famous and glamorous horse farms around. The horses lived in barns that many of us would drool over to call our home. Oak siding, brass fixtures and hinges, even chandeliers hanging high above in a center cupola. Horses are big business in Kentucky and there is no doubt that they are also big money.

The Kentucky Derby Festival, of course, is the biggest doing of them all. Tomorrow is the day, and even though I won't be in attendance at the track, my family and I will watch the races all day, eat lots of traditional Derby food ( at least our traditional food ) and bet on the horses.

I have a very scientific way of choosing the horses I bet on. It has to do with the color of the jockey's silks, the name and color of the horse, and it's number. It is so very scientific I will not even tell you how I do it. Because, well, you know, besides being scientific, it is also very secret.

So, whether you are at the track tomorrow or home watching on television, enjoy the day and bet on your favorite horse. Have fun!

If you want to get in on a little pre-Derby fun, join me tonight at my author/reader Talk Derby To Me chat at

And...they're off!


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