Friday, May 25, 2007

I’m so jazzed!

Resplendence Publishing is now open for Pre-orders! And guess what? I’ve got two books listed under New Releases!

The Curse, is book one of a time-travel series titled The Legend of Blackbeard’s Chalice. This is a full-length novel based on east coast pirate folklore. I also have a novella titled Blue, a futuristic story about the last blue-eyed woman. It’s likely to be the pre-quel to a full-length novel later on.

The blurbs or covers aren’t up yet but will be soon, so check back often. There are some other absolutely wonderful authors and storytellers here. Come check out Resplendence Publishing soon!

And if you see a story that tickles your fancy, well, go for it!



L.K. Campbell said...

Congratulations on your new releases. I hope they're very successful for you.

Maddie James said...

Thanks, LK! I looked for your myspace site the other day. Is it still there?


Maddie James said...
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