Friday, June 08, 2007

I think I have a mullet.

See that long hair over there, at the left of this page. Well, as of yesterday, it's gone. It wasn't a snap decision, I'd been thinking about it for a while. I'm 50, afterall, and been growing my hair long in defiance to what my mother told me years ago, for about 25 years. Yeah, she's always said that once a woman passes 25 she should cut her hair short. And yeah, there have been times in the past 25 years when I have cut my hair short. But I always grew it back out. This time longer than for quite some time. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe it was just because -- drumroll -- I could.

In the back of my mind, when I think about cutting my hair short, a single image comes to mind. My fifth grade class picture. Ugh. I was chubby and my hair was short, a pixie style that had grown out a bit, and for some odd reason I thought sleeping on those pink plastic sponge rollers all night would help the 'do. Hence, the dreaded 5th grade picture.

I held that pic in my mind yesterday as I was heading to my hair girl. I certainly didn't want the grown-out pixie style. Then quickly I whipped out the pic I'd cut out of the magazine of Paula Deen. Yes, I wanted Paula Deen hair. And if my gray would go that beautiful, I'd let it go that way, too. Um...maybe in a few years.

So, I gave Bonnie the hair girl the Paula Deen pic. She liked it. Said we had the same face shape. And away she went. Cutting. And cutting. And more cutting.

It looked absolutely fine when I left there yesterday. I felt freer. Not a lot of hair on my neck. (Thank God, the hot flashes had been killing me lately and all that hair had just contributed...) In short (no pun intended) I liked the 'do.

Today, I realize I have a mullet.

The back is too long. The bangs are too long. The sides are too short. And the hair just looks "in-between." You know what I mean? Not short, not long, in-between.

So what do you do with a mullet? I suppose you either let it grow or you deal with it or you cut it more. Actually, I'm thinking of the latter. Might as well go ahead and cut the rest of it. I need to get the bangs out of my face and if the back where an inch shorter, it wouldn't look mullutish. I think.

I'll give it a week and then I'll decide. I'm pretty sure I'll go back for a bit more "trim." Bonnie will understand. But I don't think I'll mention she gave me a mullet. I don't want her thinking about that with scissors in her hands.

Have you ever had a haircut you hate? What did you do?


p.s. When I get brave enough, I'll post the mullet pic. But for a while, I'll keep the long hair up there. Just because -- I can. :)
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