Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Triskelion Publishing is Closing.

I am very sad to say that Triskelion Publishing is closing and filing bankruptcy. The authors have been told that come July 2 bankruptcy will be filed and that our contracts will be "frozen." Since I am taking that to mean that prior to then, they can revert my rights to me, I have sent certified mail and other forms of communication to the company to request the rights back to my book, Means of Escape, immediately. I am publicly stating here that I am asking for the reversion of all rights granted to this publisher to me, as of this date (June 20, 2007).

My book was to be released July 1. So for those of you who have told me you enjoyed reading the excerpts for this book -- a book which received a 4 Star review from Romantic Times, I am sorry to say that it will not be available. There is nothing I can do with this book until I have documentation that it indeed belongs to me again. Once I have that, I will be seeking another publisher.

Triskelion's bookstore on their website is still open and active. I'm sure authors royalties for sales on these books will be tied up for a long time. So, please consider if purchasing...

I will be removing all references to Triskelion and my book with them from this site immediately.


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Maddie James said...

Triskelion has now closed their website and books are no longer for sale. Thanks to all of you who supported my work with them.