Monday, July 09, 2007

Another day down and counting...

I feel like a kid let out of school. Why is that? I just do not know. I'm a grown woman and it's not like I've been locked up in my office at work for years on end. I do manage to get away and take some vacation time now and again. And I'm an avid traveler for work. I am just as comfortable these days in an airport or hotel than I am at home. That is rather sad to say. But most months I travel 2-3 weeks away from home.

So why on earth am I so excited about getting on a plane and flying to Dallas? Dallas is one of the airports I know like the back of my hand. It is a regular stop on my way to Albuquerque. Well, I tell you, it's because of the RWA thing. I excited this year beyond belief. It has nothing to do with agents and editors and all that jazz. It has everything to do with hooking up with so many people I've not seen in forever, some I've never met face-to-face but have conversed with online forever, and last but not least, getting to spend some time with one of my crit partners and very good friend, Magdalena. One of the four sisterwriters.

I'm excited to be getting away from home on a trip OTHER than for my work. To relax a bit, stay up too late, dress up in a party dress, and sip a martini or two. Just looking forward to kicking back with people who understand my passion -- writing romance. And by golly we're going to talk it up 24-7.

That is why I'm excited and ready -- why I've been all atwitter the past few days. This year isn't like the last one, when I planned and intended to go alone, to get my feet wet again. This year is about not being an introvert and putting myself out there again -- but with friends first.

One day and counting. Not working tomorrow. The car needs to go in the shop. Oh boy, then I start to make the transition into Maddie the romance author for every second, every minute of every hour of every day we are there.




Magdalena Scott said...

Ooh, yeah, what you said, Maddie! I'm going to pack today. I know that the first suitcase won't hold it all, and I'll keep graduating til I get up to the giant red one that I can ride on. Can't leave any of the party clothes home, right?

Anonymous said...

Your excitement is spilling over to me. Wish I could join you ladies at the conference. Hopefully one of these old days I'll have joined up with RWA and the KY chapter and get to party with you all! LOL

Have a great time! I'll be checking in on blogs to see how things are going!

Maddie James said...

Holly, we wish you were there, too! Maybe next year in San Francisco! Save your pennies. And any time you want to try out KYRW, if you are in the Lawrenceburg area for a weekend, just let us know and we'll see that you get there!

Toodles...I'm half packed and going insane right now!