Thursday, July 26, 2007

A bit jazzed...

Man, have I ever been dragging lately! Ever since Dallas it seems like I've been tired and worn out. And then what happens is that I can't get the things done I need to get done. Writing, for one. When you work a day job and then come home to write, it can get harry. At least around here.

Ten years ago I had kids at home and somehow managed to write and sell books -- no problem. Of course when they were little they had nap and bedtimes. When they were older the holed themselves up in their rooms or where "out." Now, there is no one here but little old me. Even the kitty met her demise a couple of years ago. So, I have the time to write. It's just sometimes putting butt in chair and fingers to keyboard to get it done. Because I'm a morning person and my writing energies come early in the morning, at times it's difficult to kick my muse in gear and get her rolling at 6 p.m.

Today, however, I did meet with some success. I had one of those "yes!" moments after walking back from the post office on my lunch hour. I'd just put three proposals in the mail, two requested (one agent, one editor) and another to an editor who recently announced she's up for submissions in a certain genre. Yes! I have one that fits.

It felt good to reach that goal, to get those packages in the mail. And I may not have reached that goal had I not made a conscious decision to do just one small thing last night -- turn off my email for a few hours.

I know, I know. Barbaric, isn't it?

But I did it anyway. I'm tied to a computer all day long and I'm tied to a computer every evening. There are some days I just need to give it a rest! So I did and I'm glad. Things were accomplished. Goals met. Stuff is in da mail. I may have to repeat that lesson again this evening. There is one more nagging submission left that needs to go out the door....

But still, I'm jazzed. And I survived an evening without feeding my email addiction. Well, sorta. I did check once. Oh, okay. Maybe twice. But I didn't send anything... Really.

Except just that one.

Is there a 12-step program for this?


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