Monday, July 02, 2007

Cheryl Norman -- Featured Author for July

I'm currently reading Cheryl Norma's Restore my Heart and wanted to share this great book with all of you. The murder-mystery is set in Louisville, KY, my current home-town! It's been fun reading about the place I live.

I've asked Cheryl to be my guest blogger this month and she graciously agreed! Feel free to leave her a comment or ask a question about her book. So in honor of Cheryl's featured book, AND the 4th of July holiday, h-e-r-e'-s Cheryl!

What has romance got to do with the Fourth of July?

Aside from the fact that fireworks is a metaphor for romantic conflict and a <*wink, wink *> euphemism for sexual pleasure, there really is a parallel between the summer holiday and romance. Both celebrate life and freedom of choice. If you live in the United States, you know the significance of July 4, 1776, and why we commemorate it with cookouts, gatherings, and parties.

Or have you really thought about it?

As a romance author, I celebrate love, family, and happy-ever-after endings in each story I write. But think for a moment and you'll see the analogy with Independence Day. Sure, it's an excuse to gather with family, friends, and food, but isn't that also a celebration of love, family, and HEAs? How many romance novels have you read that include a family holiday gathering?

In my latest novel, RESTORE MY HEART, my heroine has suffered a severe injury that should have crippled her. But through determination and pure guts, she's managed to defy the odds and progress from a wheel chair. The story begins with her meeting the hero, a man she feels an immediate attraction to. Despite her physical progress, she still views herself a cripple, unworthy of the love of the hunky businessman.

Naturally, the hero sees past the scars on her body and recognizes the ones in her heart, including the heartbreak of an estranged relationship with her father. She, in turn, gets a wistful glimpse of the hero's friendly, loving family. RESTORE MY HEART is a murder mystery, true, but it's also a couple's journey to finding happiness and restoring their families through the healing power of love.

When I think about my loved ones and the fun we have congregating around the barbecue grill, picnic table, or wherever we happen to celebrate, I don't take the opportunity for granted. I remember what I have is special, something that patriots fought for and our soldiers continue to protect, the freedom of my own pursuit of happiness. Likewise, I don't take love for granted. I cherish each moment I have with family and my terrific husband.

Even if you live outside the U.S., celebrate Independence Day or summer or any holiday with those you love. Do it in the name of romance!

Cheryl Norman

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