Saturday, July 14, 2007

Five reasons why I do not share rooms at conferences or get housekeeping the whole week.
1. Yeah, you got it. I'm a sink hog. And I don't like to clean up for the maids...or my friends!

2. Sorting through all the black shoes is hell. And I kind of like to leave them where they lay. Easier to find that way in the middle of the night when I have to evacuate.

3. I live out of my suitcase, or the back of the chair, or the top of the table, etc. Unpack? huh?

4. I NEVER make my bed and yes, I refuse to have housekeeping make it for me. I'm allergic to feather pillows so those get tossed away and who wants those sheets snug at your feet? I do not like to be tucked in. I'm all for slouchy and comfy. Roomies do not appreciate such things.

5. I'm not a good sharer of desk space but am great at creating a makeshift desk when the real desk is covered. See?

Bottom line...things land where they land and don't ask me to pick them up, be you friend or housekeeping. Okay, so perhaps I'm a slob. Good friends and critique partners or felling writers, in my book, do not make good bedfellows. I wouldn't wish me on anyone!

Yeah...I might tell you that it's because I snore that I can't be a roomy, but really, here's the deal. I simply wanna basically not have to be concerned with picking up after myself. There is too much else to take care of this week! Ack!



Jan Scarbrough said...

Boy, remind me NEVER to room with you! ARGH! You'd drive me nuts! Here's hoping you're having a great time and come back with plenty of info.

Magdalena Scott said...

Yikes. I've been to her room, people - not inside it though. I think I'll definitely keep it that way, 'cause it's looking kind of scary to me. I'll just stay at my end of the hallway...