Sunday, July 08, 2007

Preparations, preparations....

I've been running myself ragged, mentally and physically, the past few days. Why? Well, it's RWA national time and by golly, I gotta get ready!

I'm excited to be going again this year. Last year in Atlanta was my first time in years to go. I went by myself and was pretty much an introvert the entire time. But I soaked up a lot of info and writer ambiance and rubbed an elbow or two. Made some great contacts and hooked up with a few old friends. It was quite worth it.

This year I'm going with a friend, one of my sisterwriters. The excitement level has been hyped a bit because of that. She's a first timer, a virgin author, heading off to her first national conference, as a contracted author! Yehaw!

We've been all atwitter about what to pack and how much and what to wear and shopping and the shoes and the handbags and the tax deductible business lunches to talk about all this, and what about something for our nametags and why didn't we get those totebags made? And what about this agent and that editor and the pitches and the chapter breakfast and is there a party for our publisher and will there be margaritas? (There are always margaritas). So yes, we've been all atwitter. And it's been fun. Exhausting almost, but serious fun. And it's not here yet.

Then there is the promotion. Loads of promotional materials sitting here on my table. Holes to punch in this, tape that to that, count out the pens, box things up, CDs to burn, how will I pack those ducks and where the heck are my business cards and oh shoot, I forgot to take those bookmarks to work to cut them apart with the cutter. How many days are left? Two, oh darn.

And then, what about my pedicure and manicure? Does my hair need trimmed before I go? Should I color that gray or tell people I'm doing the stylish thing and letting my gray come out? Should I starve to try to lose five more pounds? And did I buy pantyhose? I hate pantyhose. Why would I buy them? But can I really go barelegged to the banquet in my new little black dress? Do I dare? Two days? Is this nearly enough? Will my gray compliment my black dress? Or should I hit the bottle. The color. Not the tequilla. Save that for later.

So do I have my ducks in a row? Probably not. Do I care? Yes. And no. I'll do it. I'm a deadline worker. I get things done. My clothes are laid out, day by day. Of course I'll mess that all up when I get there. I color coordinated this year, so I can mix and match. Black and black and oh yeah, more black. Maybe a white or silver top in there. And black. That should work, won't it?

Atwitter, atwitter. Do I REALLY have to work tomorrow? I only have two days....


p.s. I'll be blogging from Dallas so come by when you can and check it out!

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Cheryl Norman said...

Hey, Maddie, I'll be checking this blog daily while you're in Dallas, so I hope you can get internet access. Wish I could be there with y'all!