Friday, July 13, 2007

Today, my friends, my brain is fried. This shall be more of a pictorial essay that text. Works well for me small and feeble brain this morning.

Yesterday was a long and great day. Started out with a leisurely joint breakfast with my two chapters Kentucky Romance Writers and KYOWA Writers (KY, OH, WVA). That was the last leisurely thing to happen for the day.
The PAN booksellers panel was chock full of info, getting the inside scoop on how books are selected by buyers, what they look for, how small presses can get in the game, what's hot, what's not, etc. The panelists were top buyers from B&N, Borders, Booksamillion and Levy/Anderson.

Lunch back with KYRW/KYOWA members and luncheon speaker Lisa Kleypas nearly made me cry. Had a great after lunch drink with my long time author pal and Pocket author Kathleen Lawless. What a sweetie and so glad to hook up with her after all this time.
Drinks with agent Christine Witthohn and friends followed. The a brief reunion over at the Lawrence hotel with several of my former Kensington Precious Gems authors, followed by free food and the RWA meet and greet reception, followed by a trip throuhg Midnight Madness.

Then to the top of the dome to meet with some new and improved and reinvented Trisk authors. Mary, Melanie, Sally, Vicki and moi.

The highlight of the night was getting the emergency intercome call throughout the hotel tellings us to leave the building. It is interesting to see the kinds of clothes people wear to sleep in. After tripping down ten flights of stairs I realized that I was standing in the lobby surrounded by hundreds of people wearing my nightgown, over which I had placed my denim jacket, and wearing my black heels. Yes, cute. Finally three firemen came in (who looked to be all of about 17 years of age) came in and said "all clear" and that was that.

Let's see what today brings.



Anonymous said...

Hey Maddie!

Looks like you are having a great time! Have a margarita (or three) for me. :)

Big Hugs!


Magdalena Scott said...

I appreciate being invited to tag along with you, Maddie, for many of your gatherings. You have REALLY fun friends!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Those are my roomies in their pajamas. At least I had the good sense to run when I saw the camera come out!!!