Saturday, July 21, 2007

An uplifting experience.

Today I had the opportunity to open myself up to something new in my life. I think these opportunities are rare and come along when you are ready for them. I'd considered and explored this kind of opportunity in the past but never felt open or ready for it. Today, I was.

I visited a medium who channels spirits. I consider myself a spiritual person but not one who is comfortable with conventional or organized forms of religion. I've long been open to and fascinated by the possibilities of the spiritual world and such. My visit today opened both my mind and my heart to things I needed to hear.

I'll not go into details because much of this is private to me. I'm convinced, however, that the conversations I had with others who are now spirits, were real. The messages I received from angels and spirits hit home with me and I will heed them well. Some things I knew already, and hearing them was validation. I found hope in many of the things I heard. Yes, I even had a wakeup call that I need to consider and make some changes in my life because of.

I left with a lighter heart. Like some burdens had been lifted away from my center, my heart. I know that there are many things that are left to me to continue. I've been given some tools, some things to do, and ideas for coping with things in my life. This can never be a bad thing.

I was also left with some thoughts about my writing career and how that might pan out for me in the future. The big message, however, was that it's up to me how to drive it. But the ability is within me to drive it forward, to move it toward reaching my goals.

I've spent the afternoon in some reflection. Someone who I never met, but who has been important in my life for certain reasons, spoke to me today though the medium. This was not something I anticipated or even thought about happening. It came from the blue and it was almost as if this person shoved herself into the picture to speak. I have a message from her that I need to share with someone else in my family when the time is right. The described reaction of this person to the message is exactly what I would expect. This is not something I can keep with me for a long time and when the opportunity presents itself, I will need to put the message forward.

Whether you believe in such things, or not, doesn't matter. It's about God and spirituality and conversing with those who have passed through into the spirit world. It's comforting as well as helping to answer questions, fill some voids. We just have to believe.

I have some next steps, some things to do, and I will do them. Perhaps this message here is my affirmation to do just that.

My one message to any who may read this -- a message that was told to me today for me -- is to take care of yourself. Taking care of myself first, really nurturing myself and my spirit and my inner child, has not always been priority. I must do that from this point forward. I would urge you to do that, as well.

I hope your weekend is wonderful.


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