Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We're here!!!!

After a slightly delayed flight (see us waiting there in Louisville?) and the never-ending shuttle circular route around the airport and the obligatory drop off of shuttle passengers to their own hotels, we arrived at the Hyatt Regency Dallas early afternoon! Luckily we checked right into our rooms and then headed out to get a lay of the land.

We registered, got our name badges and tote bags and about a half dozen books already, finally got a late lunch, then checked out the goody room and the other conference room areas. I decided I needed to get my promo items to the goody room soon so went back upstairs to pull all of those things together and then headed back. Lesson learned. You wait a looooong time for elevators at this hotel. I'd forgotten, having been here for conferences before. If it weren't for the fact that my room is ten stories up, I'd occasionally walk, however...

Did i forget to mention that I forgot to pack my flat shoes? Hmmm...well, I did. so it's heels all week for me. My poor feet! But I'll look good! What a price we pay.

So, let's see. Any big news? The booksigning of course was packed. Nora had a very long line but I believe the line for Sherrilyn Kenyon was longer. She was dressed in vamp attire, complete with a big black feathered swan hat and fangs. Yes, quite a long line to her little corner of the world.

Saw a bunch of writer friends and got to chat a bit and then Mags and I headed to the bar for a small snack and a margarita. See Mags and her margarita? That glass looks huge! But honestly, it wasn't that big. Mags was a bit disappointed in hers though that it wasn't in a real margarita glass, so we vow that before we leave we'll find her one in a real margarita glass.

Cheryl, I ran into your sister separated at birth. She said you'd know.

Tomorrow we start early with a Kentucky Romance Writer breakfast. Have seen only a few KYRWers so far. Liz Bevarly, Toni Blake, quick glance at JR Ward/Jessica Bird (she was surrounded, too) and Kay Stockham. Haven't met up with any of my KYOWA writers group yet, but hopefully in the morning!

Off to bed now. Probably the earliest night I'll have this week! Toodles...



James Goodman said...

I hope you have a wonderful time at the conference. Be careful with those margaritas, they can lead to fuzzy vision for days. :D

Magdalena Scott said...

Good grief. I really do NOT look like that. My face isn't that - uh - puffy. I don't think.

And the margarita wasn't as big as my head; that's a perspective thing. It did, however, pack quite a punch.

The one I had the following night did too. Funny, huh?