Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Putting off something?

It's funny how when there are things weighing on your mind, and you procrastinate taking care of those things, that it is difficult to function and get anything done that needs to be done. At least, sometimes, that is the way it is for me.

I tend to push through being overwhelmed by life in general--for the most part. There are times I can write like mad and ignore the dishes in the sink or the pile of laundry spilling over the hamper. And then there are times, when the going gets really really tough, and there are lots of tasks to be finished, that I just can't write at all until those things get ticked off the list.

Are you like that?

It is kind of like, when the house gets cluttered, the brain gets cluttered up, too, with all of the menial stuff that needs to be done. So, as I'm struggling toward deadline this long weekend, not being nearly as productive as I would like, I simply stopped writing. What did I do instead?

I cleaned my living room carpet. And boy, does it look lovely.

It's surprising how doing one thing like that can change an attitude. The carpet was getting dotted with little drips from my grandkids sippy cups. Now, I don't allow them to run through the house with sippy cups, but with the kitchen and living room combined, sort of, they just sort of "do." Besides, all three of them are under three. Have you ever tried to corral three children under the age of three? By yourself? Not fun.

But I digress.

The carpet is clean. Feels so darned good to get that done. That made me tackle that pile of mail on the kitchen counter. Got that done, too. Then cleaned my bathroom. Did four loads of laundry. Cleaned the spare bedroom. Dusted.

Some clutter is gone out of my brain. I wrote another whole scene last night before going to bed.

Tonight, I'll clean my office. I wonder how much closer to deadline I can get?


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Unknown said...

Oh absolutely. I've begun noticing just how severely I need to clean and it's distracting me now more than when I felt bad last week with my sinuses. (though if I clean now, my sinuses will pay for it anyway. LOL)

But I would like to get everything straightened up, "clear the clutter" so I can concentrate on my writing rather than dust bunnies and the kids food crumbs everywhere.

Sounds like you got a lot done though! Three cheers for that!