Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bread for Chocolate

There. It's done. I've made the decision. And now I'm going public with it.

I'm giving up bread for chocolate.

Well, bread and potatoes and the occasional rice and pasta dish. (Occasional being a key word here.)

This is not unlike giving up things for Lent. It's related. Sorta. I'm purging myself of the starchy foods things. But I need a tradeoff. I need something in exchange.

You see, now that I'm over 50, I feel I owe it to myself. I can certainly give up some things but I definitely want to get something in return. For example, I can give up a margarta if I can have a mojito in exchange. I can give up the treadmill if I can take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. It's all steps, right? And I can give up bread if I can still keep the chocolate.

I started thinking about this yesterday when I read an article in More magazine. The woman was in her 60s, looked fabulous, owned her own new-agey type business, and was very happy with her life. She stated, "I mainly eat fish and vegetables." So, I got to thinking...could I live on just fish and vegetables? Maybe protein and vegetables, I thought. That could include fish and chicken and an occasional rib-eye and even nuts, right? Nuts are good for us. Then I realized that that meant no starch. No bread, potatoes, pasta, rice. I'm not a big starchy eater anyway and I thought, hm...perhaps if I too can eat just protein and vegetables, I can be 60 and look fabulous and own my own new-agey business in a dozen years or more. Or maybe just be a fabulous-looking, sixty-something writer.

But I realized one thing. Chocolate is not in the protein and vegetable essential food groups pyramid. So I just decided. I'd give up bread for chocolate. I mean, it's a compromise, right? I give up something, I get something. All evens out in the end, correct?

I'm glad you agree.

I think I'll start a campaign. Anyone care to join me? I may make buttons. "I gave up bread for chocolate."

I like the ring of that.


post script addendum: I totally forgot about ice cream. Yikes! I suppose I'll just have to make all my ice cream choices with chocolate. Whew. That's covered....

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Magdalena Scott said...

Well, okay, you can do this - as long as it's that incredibly healthy food choice DARK CHOCOLATE.