Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, there it is, staring me in the face. It's 11:51 p.m. on October 13, 2007. Nine minutes and counting to my birthday.

I like birthdays, always have. Not because people give your cards and presents but because it symbolizes moving forward. Some may argue about to what end we move forward--the end of our lives--isn't such a great thing. But I disagree. Life is a cycle of events. We all move forward. It is how we move forward and what we do in our cycles of life that is important.

Seven minutes and counting.

Last year I turned 50. A new decade. This year I've spilled totally over into it. I'll be 51, of course. So, I pulled out the goals I set for myself last year and pondered those a bit. I'd actually set some goals twice in the past year or so. The first goal was rather long-term and I first said it outloud to another writer friend at the national RWA conference in Atlanta, 2006. I had a 5 year plan. I wanted to be writing full-time in 5 years.

Five minutes and counting.

That's a big undertaking. I'm my sole income. So, to write full-time that meant I had to get really, really busy.

Four minutes and counting.

So I set some goals. Around my birthday last year I wrote them down with my critique partners. We all set goals. I've managed to accomplish a few. One goal was to sell my time travel trilogy. I can most assuredly say that I met that goal. I contracted the entire trilogy to my new publisher.

Two minutes and counting.

I also said that I wanted to finish a novella, part of an anthology we wanted to pitch, and sell it. Cross that one off the list, too. It's done and sold. And, another goal was to attend a writer event. I've accomplished that several times over.

What I didn't accomplish is just as pertinent.

One minute.

I haven't finished two books I wanted to finish by now and I've not secured an agent. But, I'm not in the least concerned about those two things....


Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday dear madddddddiiiiiieeeeeee.... Happy birthday to me! :)

Okay, so I've not yet accomplished all my goals for this year. There is time. I'm not concerned. Even though I haven't finished the two books on the list, or snagged an agent yet, I'm not in a rush. I contracted for seven books this past year. Seven! And I am very pleased with that. As well, I am tickled pink with my new publishing house. Signing with them wasn't on the list but it sure was a good move for me. I'm very happy.

So...has all this moved me toward my five year plan? My five year plan which is now a four-year plan? I very much think so. I'm happy with where my plan sits at the moment. Moving forward. It's a good thing. Just like birthdays.

Have a great weekend.



Unknown said...


It was great seeing you lovely ladies yesterday, and I can't wait till more events pop up!

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday. You deserve it!

Big Hugs, Happy Birthday Wishes, and Love,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Maddie!
You're beautiful!