Friday, October 26, 2007

The Hawaii Checklist

Let's see how I am doing on my To-Do list this week:

1. Toes in sand -- check

2. Mai Tai -- not yet, but Laval Flows are mighty nice

3. Watched dancing hula boys -- check (addendum, also watched the hottest man in Honolulu, a fire-eating hula dancer boy)

4. Luau -- nope

5. Sushi -- check

6. Watched surfer boys -- check

7. Swam in the ocean -- nope

8. Conference presentation -- check, and it was excellent LOL

9. Visited the Dole plantation -- check (gift shop only)

10. Breakfast by the ocean every morning -- check

11. Saw an ocean rainbow -- check

12. Shopping -- check, all kids and grandkids accounted for

13. Shopping for others -- not yet

14. Shopping for me -- two t-shirts, earrings, a print

14. Got lei-ed -- check. ( and it is a beautiful one made of purple orchids)

15. Island touring -- partial check, more to come

16. Pearl Harbor -- nope, maybe Saturday

17. Boat ride on ocean -- not yet

Until tomorrow....


p.s. My connection here keeps timing out on picture upload so maybe no more pics until I get a better connection....

1 comment:

Magdalena Scott said...


You're having fun...check! Good for you! You can post the pictures after you get home...

And in case you're wondering, it's chilly and rainy here. Possibly frost this weekend. But try not to gloat, okay?