Friday, October 26, 2007

The Hawaii Checklist

Let's see how I am doing on my To-Do list this week:

1. Toes in sand -- check

2. Mai Tai -- not yet, but Laval Flows are mighty nice

3. Watched dancing hula boys -- check (addendum, also watched the hottest man in Honolulu, a fire-eating hula dancer boy)

4. Luau -- nope

5. Sushi -- check

6. Watched surfer boys -- check

7. Swam in the ocean -- nope

8. Conference presentation -- check, and it was excellent LOL

9. Visited the Dole plantation -- check (gift shop only)

10. Breakfast by the ocean every morning -- check

11. Saw an ocean rainbow -- check

12. Shopping -- check, all kids and grandkids accounted for

13. Shopping for others -- not yet

14. Shopping for me -- two t-shirts, earrings, a print

14. Got lei-ed -- check. ( and it is a beautiful one made of purple orchids)

15. Island touring -- partial check, more to come

16. Pearl Harbor -- nope, maybe Saturday

17. Boat ride on ocean -- not yet

Until tomorrow....


p.s. My connection here keeps timing out on picture upload so maybe no more pics until I get a better connection....

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