Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hawaii ~ mid-week

So, okay. I know I said I'd blog, right? Well, of course I had very good intentions but somehow good intentions get tossed by the wayside. Let's just forget that it was a 9 hour flight across most of the lower 48 and the Pacific to get here. Yeah, let's forget that. And yesterday, well, we just set out in the car and drove the rim of 3/4 of the island of Oahu. Wow, what a diversely beautiful place this is! Here are a few pictures.

This is the view of Diamond Head from my hotel room. Waikiki Beach is below. See the surfers?

Basking sea turtle on the North Shore. They come up and lay on the sand for a couple of hours or more in the afternoon. Big ol' lugs. You can tell boys from girls by the length of their tail. Hm.

Surfer boys, somewhere on the west side of the island.

This morning we visited a Hawaiin language immersion preschool. All of the children were fluent or learning -- three and four year olds. Hawaiin is the only language spoken at school during the day. The majority of the children are native English speakers. How interesting to see these little ones learning their own native language and speaking so fluently. Hawaiin isn't an easy language to pronounce, we learned. My tongue just does not want to do the things it is supposed to do to sound out the words.

I have more picutres and may put them into a slide show and post. For some reason Blogger is taking a long time to upload this evening...maybe because it's such a long way to Hawaii! LOL Doubt it. I'll try to post more soon!
Hope all is well with everyone. Aloha.


Unknown said...

Oh Maddie! Those are great pictures. I bet being around all those kids speaking Hawaaian had to be cool.

Magdalena Scott said...


So glad to hear you're well and working hard. Right? I mean, even though the pictures indicate that you're not constantly inside a meeting room, you're working really, really hard? Because I'm trying to feel sorry for you being stuck on this daggone business trip. Maybe if you could post a picture of a beige meeting room with absolutely no natural light...