Thursday, October 04, 2007


Sometimes, life just has to pause for a while. Ever feel like that?

Lately, I've been needing to pause on the writing but have been pushing forward to get the latest manuscript to my editor. Last night, I believe I finished the final polish. I say "believe" because I woke up this morning with one last "tweak" on my mind. So, I may not send it off today but literally, the work is done.

So, I'm going to pause for a few days on the writing. My brain needs a break. It's a good time to do that, too. I'm waiting on edits from a previously submitted book and those have been promised to come within a few days. My editor has suggested that I not send the next book until she gets this one off her plate. That, blessedly, allows me time for the pause.

My brain needs to wind down. Rest. My muse needs a little nap.

I've been going at it strong for a few months working toward the deadline. To work each day and straight to the computer every night. I wake up and the cycle repeats. Weekends were mostly crammed with writing. My deadline was tight.

The next one will be tight, too. And the following. But I am going to allow myself the pause. If I don't, I'll be pretty burned out, I'm certain. Not to mention Musie. (my muse) We're tired.

So, I will wean myself away from the computer for a few days. Perhaps even email, too. What will I do? Hm. Hm. Hm. Oh! I need to clean the garage. And bake some cookies for the big booksigning next weekend. I can freeze those. And I need to get promo together for that. I need to clean my office. That would be good. Yes. And the yard needs some work. That's been a bit neglected in the drought we've had around here. And I suppose the house could use a good once over....

Clear the mind. Clear the mind. Clear the mind.

I wonder how long this pause should last? That all sounds like a lot of work. And you see, I've got this little cajun werewolf story that is haunting me.


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