Friday, November 30, 2007

Keeping My Head Above Water

There I am. See me? My head is just barely above the water.

Wait. Slipping under. Gotta push back on top. There.


Frantically sometimes, it seems to me, to keep my head above water.

What is the water? Work, writing, family, goals, expectations, the house, car, doctor appts, relationships. They are all in the water with me. Up to my neck with them. Life.

Yes, it has been a particularly busy fall. Probably the most hectic few months I've had for a while. Not exactly stressful but just non-stop. Hard to get my chin up out of the water long enough to take a deep breath.

But I do. I manage, once in a while, to lift it up and suck in a few cleansing breaths.

We have to do that, you know? Life. It's just life. Sometimes we are busy. Other times we are bored. Looking for things to do, to occupy our time, people to be with, to bug, to hug, to hang out with.

Helping each other keep our heads above water.

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