Thursday, November 08, 2007

Since when do little girls get pedicures?

I had a girly afternoon today.

I needed it. Truly. After 17 straight days of travel for work, not even coming home weekends, I needed some reconnect time with my inner self. I needed down-time. I needed to bond with home and hearth again.

I needed a manicure. And a haircut.

So, after sleeping in my own bed last night (and to nearly noon) I showered and made my way to the salon where my hair was trimmed and fluffed and coiffed. Then I set off to my manicurist and got a new full set. Ah. I'm feeling better already.

While there, however, I observed something interesting. Two thirty-something mothers had arrived and signed in right before me. In tow they had their six or seven year old daughters. The girls were having fun picking out color for their mom's nails. How cute, I thought. I wonder if the moms will actually wear whatever colors the little darlings pick out.

Soon, the moms were whisked off to the pedicure stations and settled into their vibrating chairs, shoes and socks removed, soaking in the warm bath and...what? The girls, too? The little darlings who were picking out color for their mothers? THEY were also sitting in the vibrating chairs, chatting away just like their moms (each drinking Starbucks coffee), and getting a pedicure, too? Excuse me? They were like, six years old?

When did six-year-olds start to get pedicures?

I see all kinds of problems with this. What's next? Cell phones at 10? Oh...that's step-daughter's daughter is 12 and she's had a cell phone for a couple of years. What? Is this not a bit ridiculous? Pedicures at age 6. Who would have thought? Do they wear bras, too? Excuse me? They DO?

Now, we weren't raised that way. I didn't raise my daughter that way. I didn't get my first pedicure until I was forty! I didn't get French tips until some time after that! I had to earn those smooth feet and lengthy nails over time, years of working and paying off the bills, to justify putting THOSE kinds of expenses into the budget.


So, while my full set is going on, I watch the girls get their toes painted red and I got to thinking. What kind of young women are these girls going to grow up to be? I mean, they could be demanding little prima dona princesses who insist to their husbands that manicures, pedicures, salon hair cuts, body and facial waxes, face lifts, botox, department store high-end makeup, designer purses and shoes and clothing, are all necessities for the budget. They might even consider that marrying someone who could provide them with these things, no questions asked, was part of the deal. They might even EXPECT that their husbands make good enough salaries to keep them slick and coiffed and nailed and fluffed and lifted and waxed and....


Oh dear.

Somewhere along the line I didn't get that message. Hm.

Never mind.


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Unknown said...

Oh that's just insane! My daughter is almost 5 and she already thinks the world revolves around her. I wouldn't dare give her more reason to think she should be pampered like that. Heck, I've been trying forever to get her to see she's not a princess living in a castle! LOL

She's spoilt, but I'm going to work my hardest to make sure she grows up with some common sense when it comes to money and necessities! That's for sure!