Sunday, December 02, 2007

United Romance Writers Association

Yesterday we had quite a discussion on this blog. I suppose I should post those hypothetical questions more often!

But I think the thing was this -- it was a discussion that needed to be had and I simply gave it a voice. Throughout the course of the day some themes started to emerge, online and offline, indicating that a lot of writers are hungry for communication and discussion about writing. Oh, of course, there are hundreds of writer discussion groups out there, but they tend to bleed over into promotion and grandkids and pictures of hot guys and, well, you all know the rest. All of those things are fine and dandy. (I like pics of hot guys as much as anyone and of course MY grandchildren are the cutest on the block.)

But we want more. Something different. Something without barriers and exclusion. What might this thing look like?

We're still discussing and their are plans moving forward. Let's continue this discussion in an open forum and put this baby into motion.

And the baby is this: United Romance Writers Association. The forum is the beginning. Let's talk.

United Romance Writers Association



Anonymous said...

Hi, does this association no longer exist? Your link doesn't work nor do any of those on blogs I found.

Maddie James said...

It sort of morphed into something else and I'm no longer affiliated. Try this link.