Saturday, December 01, 2007

What if there was a place....

Let's just dream. Shall we?

We're all writers here and we like dreaming. Oh come on. I know you do. We LIVE to dream, right? To get lost in fantasy? To solve all of our problems through our daydreams? To sort out, seek answers, and quantify how we would rule the world in our dreams?

Of course. As previously stated. We are writers.

So, what if there was a place, a networking group if you will, (let's not say "organization") that would truly, truly meet your needs as a romance author. I mean, what would it look like?

Let's think. It would be supportive, right? Definitely. It would advocate for authors. Be an avenue for sharing of information. Yep. I'm pretty sure it might do that. Let's see. It could be a place were small press authors and epubs felt welcome. Hm. Yes, I think that would be important. In fact, it might even CATER to that group of romance authors.

Rules. Would it have rules? Would it make rules to eliminate people? Would it accept you as you are and who you are and welcome you with open arms? Would it cost you tons of money or would it be friendly to the budgets of small press authors. Would it (heavens to Betsy) even be free?

Would it be online? Host workshops? Connect with publishers? Advocate? Educate? Or just be there in case you needed to vent?

What else would this place look like?

In my dream, it would not throw up barriers. It would not seek to rise some to the top and stomp on others as they are climbing. It would NOT be a sorority. (ugh, shudder) But it would be a unique blending of authors who come together for the common good.

This place. Would it have a name? What would be it's mission? Goals? Would it even have a mission statement and goals or would it purposely hang loose and take a Bohemiam bent?

Okay, so perhaps this is all a little over the rainbow. But heck, I like being over the rainbow. What do you think?

What if there was a place that really, really met your needs as a small press romance author. What would it look like. Tell me.

Let's brainstorm.

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