Friday, February 08, 2008

darned freakin' mercury retrograde!

Drat! I hate when that happens.

I had a perfectly nice little blog all typed up on here about how mercury retrograde is screwing with my life and the writing this week, and so I uploaded a pic (nice little fiery planet pic, perfect, I thought) and hit preview and...

Crap. It's gone. The entire blog. All my wonderful words...

So, suffice it to say, I lamented quite nicely about Mercury ruling thinking and perception and how that little planet seemed also to be ruling my brain this week -- no writing at all for me. I mean, how in the f*%# can one write when a planet is streaming backwards through the universe and upsetting lives and stuff?

This retrograde thing is powerful. Has to be. This week drove me to drink. Twice! I mean, I'm tinkling the rocks in my margarita glass as we speak. I never drink during the week.

And I ran out of Tequila. Did you know that you can substitute vodka with margarita mix and it comes out okay? I just call it a martini margarita. Works perfectly.

Tonight I have Tequila, however.

So then, you know, I go and lose the blog, too. Damn. But oh well, I think you still get the picture. Speaking of which, I'll not be uploading that cool little fiery planet pic again. I think recreating this blog a third time would be a mite ineffective.

I'll just push save and move on. Perhaps that is how I just need to view this entire week.

Push save and move on.

Hope you all have a grand weekend.


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