Friday, February 01, 2008

The Genres, The Trends...?

I have to admit I was somewhat surprised. A couple of weeks ago I posted the poll at the left of this blog. I was just curious as to what readers would say was their favorite romance genre. I expected erotica to take first place, given its deep and wide presence in the industry these days -- particularly in the ebook industry -- and since so many online readers like to buy their erotica online.

Wow, I was wrong. There is still another day left to vote on the poll, but take a look. Paranormal is currently in first place with 30% of the vote; historical is second with 19%; contemporary is third with 15%, and erotica 4th with 11%.

Now, of course, this is no scientific poll. There is not a large -n. No random assignment or any control groups anywhere in the mix. It's a "drop-by-my-blog-and-tell-me-what-you-think" poll. Fun and funky. No strings attached. It still surprised me.

My writer friend and fellow Resplendence author Catherine Chernow was doing a similar poll on her yahoo group. Guess what. Yep. You are right. Practically the same thing. Paranormal edged out front with 31% of the votes, then erotica followed by contemporary.

Hm. Pray tell what does that mean to moi? The the reader? To publishing houses? Paying attention to trends? To moi, I'm kind of glad I have a few paranormal books on the shelf right now. Perhaps historicals are stronger than in the past? Who knows? Does this indicate that erotica is slowing down? I doubt it.

But it is interesting, just the same. What do you think?


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Unknown said...

I don't know about everyone else, but for me, there's just too many great genres to choose from. I think I voted contemporary, but I love paranormals, historicals, romantic suspense- just a whole plethora of them.

It's hard to say I like just one, but for the sake of the poll, I did pick just one based on the majority of what I've got on my bookshelf, though that- by no means- means I don't have an array of the others. :D