Friday, February 29, 2008

It's your turn, girls, if you choose to take it

It's Leap Year.

Actually, it's Leap Day. February 29, 2008. My friend Karen tells me that this is the day you are supposed to ask the guy to marry you. That is, if marrying the guy is truly what you want.

Make sure of that, girls, okay?

I could say been there, done that, so okay, will say it. "Been there, done that." Asked the guy to marry me? Ah, no. But seems I have this habit of saying "yes" when I'm asked. Whether it's for my own good, or not.

Hm. (okay, so I'm really smiling when I'm typing this)

I just wonder, however, how many women do take the leap and ask the guy to marry them? I have at least one friend who has done that. Her hubby romanced her for years, wanted to marry her long before she said to him one day (not Leap day) "let's get married." And they are happily ever after, etc...

But I wonder...does the Leap Year thing take the romance out of it for us romancaholics? Or, does turning the tables do it for you just the same?

I just wonder.

I'm way too old to dream of the perfect proposal, down on his knees, the ring, the dinner, the rose, etc... My proposal encounters never turned out quite like that. But even an old girl can dream, huh?

Still wondering. I might pop the question, given a certain set of circumstances, however... wouldn't the fairy tale proposal still get your juices running?

Okay, so yeah, it would.


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