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Maddie James News ~ 2008, Vol. 1

Dear Readers,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to their new year. My holidays were filled with family events and balanced with quite times. It was a nice beginning to the year. I like fresh starts, always have, so look forward as this new year develops.

Yesterday, I read my horoscope and was reminded that beyond fresh starts, I also always look toward the future. Sometimes, I get caught up in thinking about that next project, or a future event, and forget to pay attention to what is happening in my life right now. So, that is a current goal for me – to start being happy right where I am and even though the future looms large ahead of me, remember that it is very good right here where I am.

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately in my world of romance books. I can’t tell you the enjoyment I’ve had meeting new people and seeing my books available for sale. I’m looking forward to some spring events, so hope I will meet more of you, too.


Most Monday evenings from 9-10 p.m. on Aleka Nakis NowLive broadcast, Romance Dialogue
February 12, Coffeetime Romance, Resplendence Authors chat
April 16-20 ~ Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, Pittsburgh, PA
April 25-26 ~ Dogwood Writers Conference, Greenbo Lake State Park, near Ashland, KY


I currently have three releases with Resplendence Publishing. You can find each of them at

THE CURSE, book one in The Legend of Blackbeard’s Chalice series
BLUE, a novella

Bed, Breakfast and You, a novella in the Ladies of Legend: Finding Home anthology

THE CURSE, is now available in both ebook and print formats from Resplendence Publishing, and in print on
Several of my titles will be coming soon to Fictionwise and Mobipocket. Stay tuned.

Upcoming Releases

February, 2008 ~ THE CULT, book two in The Legend of Blackbeard’s Chalice series
March, 2008 ~ Red: A Seduction Tale – a grown-up version of Little Red Riding Hood in Resplendence’s new Wicked line, novella
May, 2008 ~ THE QUEST, book three in The Legend of Blackbeard’s Chalice series
Summer, 2008 ~ A Perfect Escape, a single-title romantic suspense

New contracts!

Celebrate with me the signing of a few more contracts with Resplendence Publishing! Release dates to be determined.

Murder on the Mountain, a single title Ladies of Legend romantic suspense
Home for the Holidays, a novella in the Ladies of Legend Christmas anthology, A Legendary Christmas
Family Stories, Family Recipes, my leap into the world of cookbooks! For more information, go to

Contests ~ Love is in the Air

Resplendence Publishing and its authors are hosting several contests in the next couple of weeks. Watch the Resplendence website for contest info updates.
Maddie’s contest ~ see more info on my blog.
Jan Scarbrough~ visit Jan’s website at
Magdalena Scott ~ visit Magdalena’s website at

An excerpt ~ I thought I’d leave you with an except from BLUE, now available from

Cyan Seye wept in the corner of the dank cave. She wasn’t sure, but thought she could hear a strange music—like flutes—coming out from somewhere beyond the rocks. Or maybe it was in her head.

Not certain how she’d come to be here, no clue how she would eventually leave, she leaned into the cold stone and resigned herself to one thing – no matter what, she had to trust Devin McCrae. Even if it was the most difficult thing she’d ever do in her life.

Fear had been a part of her life since she was born. It was almost as much a part of her as breathing. Running. And fear gripped her every time McCrae looked deep into her eyes. Blue, he called her. For her eyes.

The past month had been worse than any of her twenty-four years. But he was the only person who could save her now. Protect her. If anything was certain, it was that. She shivered, uncertain of whether it was from the cold, or her plight.

Both, probably.

McCrae was her unlikely savior. She knew not from where he’d come. Wasn’t certain who had sent him. All she really knew was that her father had feared him for years. But she’d always wondered, why him? When there were so many others to fear?

But then she had seen it for herself.

First hand.

The day McCrae had killed her father.

Cyan hugged herself and tried to stop her chattering teeth. Tried to clear her mind. Go to some other place. Free herself for a while.

Just so wet. Cold.

McCrae didn’t want a fire. Smoke. Flames. They would give away their hiding place, he’d said. Then he’d left her. Left her to go watch the night. Eyes searching the storm-silenced sky. Listening. Watching.

Waiting for them.

Protecting her. It was his only purpose in life now.

So, he guarded the entrance. The one way into the cave. Guarded her. And for some insane reason, Cyan felt safe. Even with him.

For now.

She’d learned long ago that when she felt safe, she needed to sleep. Because good sleep rarely came when you were on the run. When you were looking over your shoulder. When you had no clue what the next hour would bring.

Did McCrae ever sleep?

Her eyelids were sandpaper. Heavy.

They closed. Gritty.

Trust him.

Her father’s last words. His eyes had spoken the words as much as his breathless voice had said them. Right before McCrae had killed him.


I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day coming up. Have fun and be safe. And celebrate love!

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