Friday, March 21, 2008

Overcoming Eeyore Syndrome

The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get - Satchel Paige

Um, yeah. Sure. Of course. Yep.

I had to look for the origin of that quote. I kept thinking it was Eeyore, for some reason. Maybe he actually did say that in one of the Winnie the Pooh books. I dunno. But Google tells me it was the great baseball pitcher Satchel Paige who coined that phrase. Google also told me that it is an old Amish saying. I still think it was Eeyore.

What a great little character, that Eeyore. I used to tease and call my son Eeyore at times when he was younger and would poke along. "C'mon, Eeyore," I'd say, "Pick up your feet and move." Sometimes it was even, "Lift up that chin, quit moping around, and let's get a move on."

The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.

I need to give myself that pep talk. "Lift up that chin, Maddie, stop lamenting about too much to do, put one foot in front of the other, and just move. One word at a time. One paragraph at a time. One book at a time."

Time. That's the thing though, isn't it? There doesn't seem to be enough of it in the day. (Can Congress somehow fix that? I mean, they managed to move Daylight Savings Time up weeks just a weekend or two ago, can they just add another hour or three to our day? I sure could use it.)

Nope. 'Fraid not.

So, I need to adjust. Perhaps not just adjust, but get organized. Hm. I'm usually pretty organized. Lately? Not so, it seems. Or maybe it's just that there is so little spare time to organize. At any rate, I gotta do it.

I'm pretty sure we all have these times, right? Too much to do. Flying by this obligation and that one. Spending extra hours on the day job. Family obligations and yeah...the times we need and want to spend with our friends and loved ones. Sometimes...sometimes, the writing gets shoved aside.

The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.

Okay, so I've taken a brief hiatus from the writing, the promotion, the networking, etc. Had to. Needed to. Other obligations took the forefront. But now, I'm back. Yep. Back. The writing bug is itching at me. Biting. Gnawing at me. Do it. NOW!

Okay, gotta go. Musie is sitting on my shoulder and she's whispering in my ear. "C'mon, Eeyore. Quit with the blog, let's get into some real stuff. I dare you..."


Devon Matthews said...

Maddie, I'm with you. If I had time to get organized, I'd give it a shot. Right now, I'm taking a break from writing a synopsis that should have been done yesterday. Ugh! I hate synopsis. And try writing one from zip in a mad dash. Not fun.

I honestly think our brains register time differently the older we get. I used to be able to do more. Now, if I write, the house has to suffer, or dinner, or the laundry. And friends? Family? What friends and family? You mean real live people in the flesh? The only people I stay in contact with these days are my writing buddies, and that's mostly through email. Ai-yi-yi, what have we done to ourselves.

Maddie James said...

Devon, I am so with you on the synopsis writing. I avoid those things like the plague!

You know, I think you may be right about getting older and how our brains register time. Maybe that's why, after years of work, work, work, people actually embrace retiring where their brains just...exist, LOL, and time doesn't seem to matter....

Ah well, not in my immediate future. :)