Monday, March 24, 2008

On the subject of blogging...

I posed a question yesterday to many of my author friends. The question was, "What are your 'must read' blogs?" I had a few reasons for asking--I wanted to know if I was missing anything good out there, for one. For another, I'd been wondering about how different people approach their blogs. And then again, I wanted to find some good ones to add to my 'feeds' for my MyYahoo page.

You see, one of my author friends has this method of promo she uses--she trips through other people's blogs and makes comments along the way, hoping to spread her word (and name) throughout blog land. Good marketing, I thought, perhaps I should do that more.

I do have a few blogs I visit and comment on once in a while but probably not nearly enough. And anything I've read about using a blog wisely says that if you expect people to come to your blog, you have to go to theirs, too. So, what my author friend is doing makes sense to me. The big reason why I wanted to know what blogs others frequented. I sorta wanna get in on the action, too.

So, I tripped through a few dozen blogs this afternoon. My one conclusion was this--my blog is damned boring. Boring! I'm gonna have to do something about that. No one wants to come visit a boring blog now, do they? Horrors...

However, with my question tossed out to my author friends, I found out there are two pretty distinct camps of blogdom. One camp revels in blogging and even touts blog addiction. They live to blog and comment and love, love, love to be out there. The other camp said things like, not for me, I don't like them, don't read then, don't do them, they suck away writing time, and I can't make a recommendation.

I wonder, and I'll post the question here again. What are your 'must read' blogs? What do you think about blogs in general? Like them? Hate them? Use them? Avoid them like the plague? Okay, well, if you hate them and avoid them like the plague, you are likely not to even see this blog post, eh? Well, we'll see.

Still, just curious. I wanna know. Are blogs dead? Are they living, breathing creatures that will not go away? What do you think?

And the big question--are they time-suckers that are simply not worth your precious time?

Oh, big loaded questions to be sure but what the heck, let's just see what happens.

Will be checking back in here later....


Devon Matthews said...

Maddie, I think blogs are here to stay. They're kinda like the reality shows on tv. Everyone predicted those would burn out quickly, but they're still around and in greater numbers. Blogs are the internet community's version of reality tv.

I like reading blogs and I enjoy writing my own blog. But I do only hit certain ones because of the time factor and the "am I interested" factor. I religiously check out our chapter members' blogs. I like to see what the people I know are doing, plus it helps me know them better. :o)

If I want to know about the latest controvery in the rom. comm., I look at Dear Author.

Here's the one irky thing I see some of the big authors doing. If they have a blog, they don't post to it regularly. They're only active when they've got books coming out. So, evidently their only interest in keeping a blog is for promo purposes.

Btw, your blog is NOT boring. :o)

Maddie James said...

Oh Devon, thanks so much for the not boring comment! I appreciate that. I just wonder sometimes.

I spent my afternoon off from work doing some exploring of blogs. Gosh, there is a whole blog world out there beyond the writer blog world. Since I'm also working on a cookbook, I looked at food and recipe blogs this afternoon. Man, there are so many of them!

The non-profit I work for also is starting a blog this week about literacy. I know many nonprofits that are starting to do this.

So I agree. I do think blogs are here to stay. Thanks so much for your thoughts. I like doing mine when I think I can provide something interesting to talk about. I don't like when I stare at the computer screen thinking...what the heck can I write about today?

But lately, I've been suffering from writers block in a major way, anyway...which is not good for the current wip. Or blog. Or whathaveyou!


Jan Scarbrough said...

Maddie, I hope you work yourself out of your writer's block soon. There's nothing worse for a talented writer!

Unknown said...

I enjoying blogging, whether I'm writing my own or reading other writers. I don't visit a lot, but I visit those most important to me, that I'm most drawn to.

When I first started discovering authors blogs I was into them in one extreme- trying to read every one of them I came across on a daily basis. Rather than swinging to the other extreme of not reading any, I have found a nice medium of favorites.

I don't think writing my blog or reading the ones I do takes away from my writing time. Sometimes airing my struggles with a certain scene or blogging about losing my focus helps me reroute my thoughts and get them flowing again in my WIP. It's also a nice place to wax poetic about writing and what it means to me.

And I agree with Devon- your blog is NOT boring.