Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday, Snow and Stuff!

I go blogless for days and then suddenly, there are about 72 things I want to blog about, all come at once. Maybe it's because I got a good night's sleep last night and I'm snowed in? Maybe it's because I've been sick with a cough, cold, sore throat, ears clogged, etc., and I finally feel human again?


So here are my first thoughts this morning. It's S-N-O-W-I-N-G! Not that it's the first snow of the season (or my life) but it's just a darned pretty snow and it's just drifting about lazily and piling up with these huge white fluffy flakes falling all around. And the best part is -- I don't have to go ANYWHERE today. (tomorrow is another story) But today, I'm in and lovin' it. And since I have no place to go, LET IT SNOW!

Here's a few pics I snapped this morning. It's still coming down, so there could be more. I wish the pictures actually did the snow justice.

Looking out my garage. It's still rather gray out, huh? But the skies are just ready to burst again. I love the snow before people and animals walk on it. This is almost the same view from my office window. I've not seen a car go by yet this morning. There are no tire ruts. Kinda nice.

This one below was earlier this morning, looking out my front door. It really piled up there! I don't think it's finished though. Maybe this should be my snow gauge. I'll check it again later.

Scenes from the back yard. More of the same. Look at the snow piled on top of my grill! You should see my patio table, it's piled high too. Will have to get a good pic of that later. Hope my dad doesn't see that grill picture, I was supposed to buy a cover for the grill before winter. Ack!

More in a while...

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