Sunday, April 20, 2008

Okay, I didn't blog from RT

But oh...what a week!

Apologies for not blogging, it truly was out of my control. I had no Internet available in my room for half of my time there. The other half, the signal was so weak it reminded me of my dial-up days in the mid-nineties. Emails took forever to load and send and getting a website loaded was nearly impossible. So, I decided to forgot about the blogging thing.

I'll attempt to provide some highlights as they come to me in the next few days. Here are a few:
  • Sadly, the hotel was a mess. Currently under construction, we tripped down service stairs with rolls of carpet and buckets of spackle and other stuff, dodged power outages, tolerated surly servers, etc. However, most of the staff were pleasant and accommodating, even though they were all probably very tired of hearing complaints. To be honest, I'm happy with simple things--like a clean bed to sleep in and a Do Not Disturb sign on my doorknob. We all muddled through. (still, would have loved to have had reliable Internet but oh well, I survived that addiction, too!)
  • In the category romance session with Harlequin/Silhouette authors and Randall Toye, the conversation turned largely to ebooks rather than print at one point. Not sure that was expected but kind of nice to hear the responses.
  • Also in that session, Mr. Toye spoke of Robert McKee's story structure seminars and said all Harlequin editors go through the seminar. Guess who bought McKee's Story book off Amazon this afternoon?
  • On to more fun things...the hottest cover model of the week, in my opinion, was John Fish from Houston. I left early on Saturday after the booksigning so have not heard who won the Mr. Romance contest yet. Let me know, okay, if you find out before I do? John certainly got my vote. Perhaps I'll look for a pic and post in later in the week...
  • I sold out of all copies of my book THE CURSE at the booksigning. Yay!
  • My friends and authors Aleka Nakis and James Goodman happened to step on the elevator with the fabulous Fabio. I believe Aleka has a picture somewhere. Wonder if she will share?
  • Author Catherine Chernow and I were invited to join the stage during the one-of-a kind Heather Graham dinner theatre production -- a whodunit featuring fairy tale characters with a paranormal twist. Loved the rendition of Hotel sung by F. Paul Wilson.
  • I had a wonderful time meeting readers, like Anne and Patricia from Philadelphia. I hope you guys enjoy THE CURSE and LADIES OF LEGEND: FINDING HOME!
Wishing everyone safe travels home today and tomorrow. I'm off to Arizona tomorrow for the day job. Tomorrow night you can find me in my normal haunt on on the Romantic Dialogue show. Come see us! Author Karen Kendall is being interviewed.

Talk soon.


Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hey guys. I'm packing and getting promo ready for RT, wondering if I have enough of anything and fretting about the clothes. In the end, all will be well, I know, but the wondering and fretting is a part of it, right?

I'm leaving out on Tuesday and heading back home Saturday night. I need one day of rest before I leave for Arizona for work the following Monday morning.

But here is the thing I wanted to tell you. I'm gonna do my best to send pics and blogs from RT and this is THE PLACE for Maddie's RT bloggings. I may repost a few items on
MySpace or my Yahoo 360 page or even share a different pic or thought or two over on SisterWriters

So, check either place if you want some updates on the news--but keep in mind that THIS is THE PLACE for Maddie's musings on RT. Come see which author I've happened to run into or what hunky cover model happened to glance my way. Wink!

See you in the blogs.


p.s. I am so looking forward to the down time from the day job to spend quality time with my writer and reader friends!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Gosh, two blogs in one day...

How weird is this? Two darned blogs in one day. Huh. I must be inspired.

You know what? It stopped raining today. It stopped raining! I can't tell you how many inches we had in the previous 24 hours. Um, rain, people, rain. I'm talking about rain!


Anyway, we've had a bunch of rain. But today, thank goodness, the sun came out. The absolute sun was shining on my house. Yes, truly, it was. Today was one of those days where I was glad to not have a basement, because if I had a basement, I would have been down there, in the dark and muck, cleaning up water like at least two of my friends. Not pretty. Been there. Done that.

Once I had to clean out a basement when my imbecile of a husband decided to take the cap off the sewer line just to see what would happen.

Did I mention that he is now my ex-husband?

Anyhoo, today, I did some work in the yard, with the sun shining down on my little brunette head. I actually pulled some weeds from the flower beds. I scattered some grass seeds. (Hope the robins stay away.) And I picked up a lot of debris and rotted plant material from around the house. Guess what, things are shooting up! Hostas! Day lilies! And my azaleas are budding.

Oh. My. Has spring freaking sprung?

Be still my heart. I am so ready to dig in my yard and plant something.

(big smile)


Going to RT -- Romantic Times Booklovers Convention

Okay, so here is the thing. I am an RT virgin.

That's right. This is my first RT conference and somehow, I think my black business suit might not be the appropriate attire.

Really though, I can get a lot of mileage out of a black business suit. I can snaz it up with my rhinestone silk cammy. I can staunch it up for the day job with the right shoes and a pearl necklace. I can wear the pants with a cool sweater. I can wear the jacket with jeans and black boots.

But still, somehow, I have this feeling that even though the black business suit is versatile, I'm going to need something else. Something sort of...funky. Weird. Sexy. Mysterious. Fantasy-like.

I'm stuck. I have no clue. I've got a week to think about it. Ponder. Shop. Pack. Etc...

What to wear? What to wear?

Anyone out there give me a clue?



Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Writer's Lag?

Somewhere recently, I either read or heard the following quote. I cannot remember who said it or to what reference it was, but I can so resonate with its premise. I won't get this verbatim, I know, so bear with me. It went something like...

Writing a book is like driving in the dark. I can't see very far in front of me but if I keep moving forward, I'll eventually reach my destination.

Oh, that is so me right now.

Do you find that your projects take on a life of their own? I don't mean characters taking over the story -- oh sure, mine tend to do that from time to time -- but the actual writing process itself?

For instance, the current wip is my 10th full length novel project. By full-length I'm talking category length or longer. I have three published novellas besides the those. As I'm writing this novel, with a projected length of about 70-80,000 words, I've noticed some resistance. Okay, well, perhaps it's more than resistance. Let's just call it full out writer's lag. Kind of like jet lag, you know? When my body comes to a direct and abrupt halt and won't go no further. Well, imagine that with the writing. Complete and abrupt halt. I refuse to call it a block. Maybe just a stall. Lag. Whathaveyou.

Anyhoo, last week it hit me. This book doesn't want to be written like most of the others. Usually, my MO is to write the story front to back, Chapter one, scene one, scene two, scene three, Chapter two, scene one, scene two, scene....

Resistance. This book ain't liking to be written in thataway. I'd written the first three chapters and then the lag. Scenes started coming scattered, begged to be written. Where do they go? Not sure yet. Get it down, save it, plug it in later. Hm. Seems to be working. For this project anyway.

At least I'm laying down fresh copy, right? Getting the story told, correct? Even if it's out of sequence? Okay, my OCD will just have to calm its little frenzied nerves and be done with it.

I refuse to lag any longer. This appears to be working. Huh, who woulda thunk? If this is the way this book wants to be written, then so be it.

Yes, I might know my destination and the path may be uncertain but if I keep moving along, just like driving in the dark, I'll eventually get there. Lags and all.