Saturday, April 05, 2008

Going to RT -- Romantic Times Booklovers Convention

Okay, so here is the thing. I am an RT virgin.

That's right. This is my first RT conference and somehow, I think my black business suit might not be the appropriate attire.

Really though, I can get a lot of mileage out of a black business suit. I can snaz it up with my rhinestone silk cammy. I can staunch it up for the day job with the right shoes and a pearl necklace. I can wear the pants with a cool sweater. I can wear the jacket with jeans and black boots.

But still, somehow, I have this feeling that even though the black business suit is versatile, I'm going to need something else. Something sort of...funky. Weird. Sexy. Mysterious. Fantasy-like.

I'm stuck. I have no clue. I've got a week to think about it. Ponder. Shop. Pack. Etc...

What to wear? What to wear?

Anyone out there give me a clue?




Magdalena Scott said...


I haven't been to RT, either. But I do have this one teensy piece of advice: take at least one pair of comfy shoes. I mean, if there should be a fire drill...

Maddie James said...

Oh Magdalena! Lest you remind me of that horrible night in Dallas where I tripped down 10 flights of stairs in my mumu, a denim jacket, and my three-inch heels?


What a sight I must have been. Come to think of it, a site we all were. Someone should have posted a pic on a blog. Oh wait. I DID post a few pics on the blog.

Speaking of which, I do plan to be blogging from RT this year. Y'all might not wanna miss this....

Think my mumu would work for the Under the Sea Faery Ball?