Saturday, April 05, 2008

Gosh, two blogs in one day...

How weird is this? Two darned blogs in one day. Huh. I must be inspired.

You know what? It stopped raining today. It stopped raining! I can't tell you how many inches we had in the previous 24 hours. Um, rain, people, rain. I'm talking about rain!


Anyway, we've had a bunch of rain. But today, thank goodness, the sun came out. The absolute sun was shining on my house. Yes, truly, it was. Today was one of those days where I was glad to not have a basement, because if I had a basement, I would have been down there, in the dark and muck, cleaning up water like at least two of my friends. Not pretty. Been there. Done that.

Once I had to clean out a basement when my imbecile of a husband decided to take the cap off the sewer line just to see what would happen.

Did I mention that he is now my ex-husband?

Anyhoo, today, I did some work in the yard, with the sun shining down on my little brunette head. I actually pulled some weeds from the flower beds. I scattered some grass seeds. (Hope the robins stay away.) And I picked up a lot of debris and rotted plant material from around the house. Guess what, things are shooting up! Hostas! Day lilies! And my azaleas are budding.

Oh. My. Has spring freaking sprung?

Be still my heart. I am so ready to dig in my yard and plant something.

(big smile)


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