Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hey guys. I'm packing and getting promo ready for RT, wondering if I have enough of anything and fretting about the clothes. In the end, all will be well, I know, but the wondering and fretting is a part of it, right?

I'm leaving out on Tuesday and heading back home Saturday night. I need one day of rest before I leave for Arizona for work the following Monday morning.

But here is the thing I wanted to tell you. I'm gonna do my best to send pics and blogs from RT and this is THE PLACE for Maddie's RT bloggings. I may repost a few items on
MySpace or my Yahoo 360 page or even share a different pic or thought or two over on SisterWriters

So, check either place if you want some updates on the news--but keep in mind that THIS is THE PLACE for Maddie's musings on RT. Come see which author I've happened to run into or what hunky cover model happened to glance my way. Wink!

See you in the blogs.


p.s. I am so looking forward to the down time from the day job to spend quality time with my writer and reader friends!

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