Friday, May 02, 2008


I stumbled upon this recently. The Brits have got it right, haven't they? Wonder when we'll get our own Year of Reading in the US?

Take a look.

Here are some of the events for the National Year of Reading in the UK.

Activities in the National Year of Reading will include the following themes:

• April: Read all about it! Links to newspapers and magazines; library membership campaign.

• May: Mind and Body. Reading and learning at work. The knock-on benefits of reading.

• June: Reading escapes. Holiday and summer reads.

• July: Rhythm and Rhyme. Poems, poetry and lyrics.

• August: Read the Game. The influence of sport and how this can help promote reading.

• September: You are what you read. Cultural, personal and local identity.

• October: Word of Mouth. Storytelling, reading out loud, reading together, reading aloud, live literature.

• November: Screen reads. Exploring the diversity of reading and writing; scripts, TV and films.

• December: Write the future. Writing, texting, blogging etc.

Being a literacy specialist myself (day job) I think I'll do a bit more investigation....


p.s. Here is the official website.

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Maddie James said...

Um, well, seems that the vid I posted yesterday may have been jerked off You Tube. Sorry for that, but it's still a great concept.