Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Allow me to introduce you to Mia Jae...

Hi folks. Please meet Mia Jae. She writes what she calls Sophisterotica Romance ~ sophisticated romance with erotica elegance. She's a new author to be published next fall by my publisher, Resplendence Publishing. She's in the process of building her website and MySpace and I wanted to help her start gaining a presence.

By way of introduction, here is her video:

Mia Jae, Sophisterotica Author

You can find Mia here on MySpace.




Anonymous said...

Mmmm not quite sure re that video, pretty until I realized it was smoke and not a piece of ribbon or silk, not a big fan of smoke. Needs some more explanation of the sophisterotica concept as well.

Looking forward to more info, it was fun delurking with you today!

Maddie James said...

kaisquared... what great points. I bet it makes more sense over on her myspace rather than here in the blog. Perhaps I'll invite Mia over to do a guest blog and explain a bit more about Sophisterotica. Thanks for your input!


p.s. Was great fun meeting you and everyone!

Anonymous said...

I love the color.. One of my favorite too!!