Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Deadline, A Goal Met, and a Bestseller

A menagerie of topics today.

It's been a few days since I've been here. Hope everyone is well. I had a wonderful weekend, relaxing and enjoyable, hectic at times, and ending on good note. I took a vacation day today to write, which is of course one of my favorite things, and moved my current wip forward. Yay to that!

I was able to meet the writing goal today. I have a June 26 deadline and know how much I need to write each week in order to meet that goal. I'm about mid-way through the story. Yeah, it's gonna be tight but I'll make it. Good thing is I'm not traveling right now for the day job so I can come home and work at home most evenings. I set a goal for the day today--one chapter and word count goal. I'm just shy of my word count but the chapter is finished. I feel accomplished. The next chapter is started and hanging there--I've heard Hemingway did that--so I'll be ready to get back to it tomorrow evening.

Good news on the selling front. My little book, Red: A Seduction Tale, is going gangbusters, it seems. Right now it sits as number 4 on the bestselling ebook titles on the Resplendence Publishing website. And today, the publisher announced that out of all Resplendence titles on Fictionwise

Red is sitting at number three. I'll take that any day. :) In addition, the anthology that I've written with my sisterwriters, Ladies of Legend: Finding Home, is sitting at number 10 in the RP list of selling titles on Fictionwise.

So, I'll take those and go to bed smiling this day. A good day all around. I hope yours was good, as well.

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