Friday, May 30, 2008

Special Offer to Buy Books! Details in the Blog

I don’t want you guys to miss out on this. Look what the Resplendence Publishing assistant marketing director just sent out! Amy posted a comment about this on my yesterday's blog, but I wanted to call your attention to it by reposting that information here.

This is a great time to buy any of my ebooks or one of my print titles directly from the Resplendence Publishing website. Woohoo!

Here’s the deal.

We appreciate our readers and want to share this special offer with you. Now through May 31, use the code Memorial15 at checkout at our website Resplendence Publishing and receive 15% off your ebook purchase.You may use the code as many times as you like through the expiration date. Take this opportunity to save on ebooks, and remember that when you purchase Resplendence ebooks, you're Reading Green.You are saving environmental resources as well as your gas money!

And...get this, there is more!

RP is offering a code to buy the print anthology, Ladies of Legend: Finding Home, written by myself and my sisterwriters, at a discount. Here are the details.

If you'd like to own Ladies of Legend in print, purchase from the Resplendence Publishing site, and use the code 89PXFZD3 at checkout. This code is not good at Amazon.It does not expire!

Can it get any better than this? Go to Resplendence Publishing and stock up now!

p.s. I just did a quick look at Amazon and guess what? THE CURSE is on sale right now there, too for $17.50. That's a great savings! Buy it and another title and you can save on shipping, as well.

Wow, is this a great time to buy books, or what?

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