Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Break?

I can't believe this is the last week of June. Where did the month go?

There was a time when summer was lazy and carefree, relaxed and unhurried. Mine aren't like that any more. Are yours?

When I was teaching, summer break was my goal. Get through the school year, take a leisurely break for the summer, and then start all over again in the fall. It was a nice schedule, teaching. You get to do a do-over every year.

Writing is kind of like that, too. With each book, I get to do a do-over. Of course it is not the same plot or same characters, but it's another chance to write the best book I can. Make this one better than the last. It's nice if you can have leisurely "summer break" in between.

Lately, that's not been the case for me. In all respects. This particular book, the current wip, is moving slower than normal. Perhaps because I've not given myself a break. I find that is how my day job is moving, too. Slower than normal to get tasks accomplished.

But all will get accomplished. I know it will.

Why do I suddenly have this hankering to take a beach towel, a bottle of baby oil and iodine, my transister radio, and a large glass of iced tea out to my back yard and lay out all day.

Um, perhaps because I'm not sixteen and it's not 1970 anymore. Sigh.


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