Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Sisterhood

You know, there is nothing like the sisterhood to pull you through when times get tough. Yeah, that's right, this is gonna be another of those sappy blogs about women friends and sisters and how important they are--well, at least to me they are.

Men, well, of course. Love 'em, hate 'em, gotta have 'em, too. But my women friends, damn, they are there for you when you need them most. And there ain't nothin' that beats that, dontcha know?

Now, I'm not gonna sugarcoat this. Really, I'm not. Because my sisters all know that there are days we love each other to pieces, and there are days we want to scratch each other's eyes out. Well, maybe it's not that bad but there are days when we get mad, stomp off, say things we shouldn't, maybe even hurt a feeling or two--and then kiss and make up in a few hours or the next day.

Yeah, we know we shouldn't do that, but we all do that from time to time, don't we? It's too bad, really, but maybe if we can do all that, and make up and be best of friends again, it's all part of the process. I dunno. Somehow it just works.

Been a sucky week for me. Down in the dumps, stressed, overwhelmed...but hey, my sisterwriters were there and pulled me through. I love those girls to pieces. I don't need to mention who they are because, hey, they know who they are and that is all that is important.

And to my own sister, who until a few weeks ago, we'd not spent longer than about 6 hours together in, oh, about 30 years. Seriously. We spent five whole days together this summer and we didn't even fight once. It was great. I think each of us came away with a new found sense of who our sisters really are. And you know, I like my sister a whole lot. She's a good kid. (hm, she's 48, can I call her a kid? well, she is my little sister...)

So here's to the sisterhood. I love you guys. Is there a margarita around here somewhere?


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kids, Puppies, Hotdogs, and Birthday Presents

Yesterday we celebrated two birthdays. My granddaughter, Karly, turned three on July 1. My grandson, Kyler, turns two tomorrow. With birthdays in the same month, I fear they will suffer the same fate as my two children, who with August birthdays a week apart, always shared the spotlight. Funny how my daughter has chosen to do the same thing.

It was a great day, even with its oddities.

The birthday party, a cookout, was held at their grandfather's house, my ex's. I'd not been there in in years, of course. And my parents were also invited. They made the three hour trek down from Ohio to take in the festivities. Several of the ex's family were present, who I'd also not seen in years. It was a little weird and strange but in the end, it was a good day. There were tons of kids everywhere, playing in the pool and jumping ball house thing, and running with dogs and puppies. Everyone got along, which was great--including the adults. :)

I did experience a rather eerie sense of deja vu while driving to the party. I'd traveled those country roads hundreds of times the 17 years the ex and I were married. Interesting that as I drove, I instinctively slowed down for that bump still in the road, a pothole in the curve, and somehow remembered every subtle bump and slant along the way. I guess some things that have repetitively worked themselves into your habits, die hard.

But great fun was to be had by all and as my parents left for their long drive back home, they both exclaimed, "It was a good day."

Here are a few random pics from my day. All of my grandchildren plus one of my dad and son. The puppy is Katie and belongs to the grandkids.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Medical procedures and memory loss... okay, weird blog

I had the strangest experience this week. Oh, it's no different than what thousands, no millions of people have done, but it was new for me, so okay, it's bloggable. I feel like lately I've been run through the medical mill. Not that there is anything physically wrong with me, it is that all of these followups and checkups all came within a span of a few weeks. Partly, this is due to the fact that I travel a lot so I try to squeeze these things in while I'm grounded -- that usually happens during the summer and Christmas break. (my travel schedule mostly revolves around a school calendar year)

Anyhoo, there's been a mammogram, an ultrasound and even a biopsy (which thankfully came out fine), there's been the annual checkup with the primary doc which involved bloodwork (I have deep veins and yes, there are bruises). Then the dentist (no cavities, thank you very much) and then this week, the dreaded...colonoscopy. Yes, I said it out loud. Ugh. Double ugh. Triple, quadruple, ugh.

Okay, so here's the deal folks. It's not really that bad. The prep day is a nuisance but the actual procedure, not bad-- UNLESS YOU WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF IT! I think it was only for a couple of seconds and I guess they put me back under really quick, but I do remember, and I do remember it HURT, and I do remember the nurse saying, "it's almost over." And my tummy hurts today. Wah...

But here is the weird part. I lost most of a day. Evidently they give you some kind of narcotic (I really want to know the name of it because I think it has potential use in a book someday) that makes you lose short term memory. They said that it would. But it is the strangest darn experience. I have just snatches of memory of my life from the time I entered the hospital at 7 a.m. until about 3:30 that afternoon. I remember putting on my shoes. Don't remember putting on my clothes to come home. I woke up at one point on my couch, convinced that I had left my clothes back at the hospital, until I looked down and realized, "oh, I'm wearing my clothes." I remember my friend waiting in her car at the hospital door, but I don't remember being rolled down the hallway to get to the car. I recall opening my eyes on the drive home and saying, "Oh, there is the Hurstbourne exit" but do not remember anything else about the drive home.

Evidently, according to the doctor, I need more fiber in the diet. Okay, no prob. But according to my friend, I relayed this entire big story about my sister and Metamucil and how she'd gotten me hooked on it when she came to visit, and now I take it three times a day. Which is, of course, not true. I have no recollection of telling this story. None.

I know my friend brought me home and I remember her saying something about getting me water, but that's it. Flash forward to about 3:30 in the afternoon where I wake from a deep, groggy, sleep. The entire evening was a haze. Did I eat? Not sure. I think maybe I even cooked something on the grill. Maybe....

So, okay, I keep thinking, I gotta write this drug into a story sometime. I will never forget how it felt and how perfect for a kidnapping! Well, anyway....

It's Saturday morning and the day will be full. Double birthday party in the afternoon at my ex's (lucky we get along, but we're divorced, right? no reason not to) for two of the grandkids and my parents are coming for a visit. So, things to do, things to do....

Have a great weekend.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

This 'n That

Wow, been a while, huh? Okay, so I'll give you a bit of a run down on Maddie's Hectic Life of late.

Had a wonderful visit with my sister for a few days about a week or so ago. This was her first venture to Kentucky on her own, sans kids and hubby, for quite some time. We had a great time and I showed her a bit of Louisville. Ended up having a drink after dinner at Jeff Ruby's downtown and listening to some music. Niiiice, evening.

I had a great time on June 28 speaking at the Hardin County Public Library with Jan Scarbrough about "our writing paths." Jan and I have been friends for a lot of years, critique partners, and writing buds. Our paths have intertwined often as we walked down that road toward publication. The audience was small but grand, and I loved every minute of it.

After my sister left, I had to dig in on the current wip. Yes, I was under deadline. Correction. I was past deadline. But perseverance does pay off and I did deliver my manuscript to my editor last Monday evening. THE QUEST is now in the can. I can breathe again. Sort of.

My next deadline is a couple of weeks away. Fortunately, this is for a short story and it is already started. I think I'll be okay.

I noticed that both RED and BLUE have sneaked up the bestseller list on the Resplendence title list on Fictionwise in the past couple of days. Woohoo! I like that. CURSE still sits as the number one print bestseller on the Resplendence Publishing website. The sales numbers at Amazon have been great lately for both CURSE and CULT. I am very thankful!

Today I visited and joined the local chapter of Sisters in Crime. What a great group of writers and I look forward to hanging with this group more. I paid my dues, so matter of fact, I will. Today's program featured a local K-9 officer and his wonderful dog Rowdy. What a cutie. Oh, the dog, too. :)

Okay, back to the short story. Soon. I'll be back soon. Promise!