Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kids, Puppies, Hotdogs, and Birthday Presents

Yesterday we celebrated two birthdays. My granddaughter, Karly, turned three on July 1. My grandson, Kyler, turns two tomorrow. With birthdays in the same month, I fear they will suffer the same fate as my two children, who with August birthdays a week apart, always shared the spotlight. Funny how my daughter has chosen to do the same thing.

It was a great day, even with its oddities.

The birthday party, a cookout, was held at their grandfather's house, my ex's. I'd not been there in in years, of course. And my parents were also invited. They made the three hour trek down from Ohio to take in the festivities. Several of the ex's family were present, who I'd also not seen in years. It was a little weird and strange but in the end, it was a good day. There were tons of kids everywhere, playing in the pool and jumping ball house thing, and running with dogs and puppies. Everyone got along, which was great--including the adults. :)

I did experience a rather eerie sense of deja vu while driving to the party. I'd traveled those country roads hundreds of times the 17 years the ex and I were married. Interesting that as I drove, I instinctively slowed down for that bump still in the road, a pothole in the curve, and somehow remembered every subtle bump and slant along the way. I guess some things that have repetitively worked themselves into your habits, die hard.

But great fun was to be had by all and as my parents left for their long drive back home, they both exclaimed, "It was a good day."

Here are a few random pics from my day. All of my grandchildren plus one of my dad and son. The puppy is Katie and belongs to the grandkids.

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