Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good morning, everyone.

The last week of every month, Resplendence Publishing chooses a charity recipient in their Read Green and Give Back

This month the charity is the
National Center for Family Literacy . Since I happen to know a little bit about this particular non-profit can tell you that this is an excellent way to put the proceeds from books (which we all love) to good use. Even in the 21st century, the low-literacy levels of many adults in this country is astounding. NCFL’s mission of increasing literacy in families is at the forefront of their efforts. The project I direct has touched thousands of lives, supported many adults on their way to attaining a GED and learning to read, and boosted young children’s literacy development while helping them get ready for kindergarten. It’s a big effort and the work is ongoing to increase literacy in families.

I believe that everyone should know how to read and enjoy a good book. I bet you believe that, too.

So, please know that any e-books you buy from Resplendence Publishing this week will directly help families. I thank you and so does NCFL.

Here is the post that went up on the NCFL blog today.

Read Green & Give Back
By Meg Ivey
During the last week of every month, Resplendence Publishing donates a percentage of sales to a nonprofit, and this month they have chosen NCFL! And on top of that, you get 15% off any e-book purchase when you enter NCFL15 at the ..
NCFL Literacy Now -

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