Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ahhhhhh... Boots.

This picture just about says it all. Can you hear that big sigh behind the camera. Well, it was there.


I love boots. Correction, I love cowboy boots! I would wear them all summer if I could get away with it. I have a pair I bought a couple of years ago and they are my utlimate, go-to winter shoe, particularly with jeans.

See? Here are my boots when they were brand spanking new.

Can't you tell? I bought them while on a work trip. They are definitely sitting on a hotel table. In fact, I bought them in Valentine, Nebraska at Young's Western Warehouse. I visit there about once a year when I work at one of the nearby schools. These are the boots of my heart. I love the style, the snub-point of the toe, and the heel. Love them. After two years, they fit my feet like gloves and I can slip them off and on my feet in no time while running through airport security checkpoint. Seriously, I can do it. And I do it often.

And do you think my boots get noticed. Um. Yes. They do. And do I like it. Well.... (smile) it IS kind of fun when people talk about them.

So, you see, I love these boots so much that today, I had no intention of buying another pair. None whatsoever. But I just happen to be working in Valentine again this week and across the street from the favorite restaurant is...you guessed it...Young's Western Warehouse.

I swear, I had no intention of buying boots. Nada. None.

But then this happened.

There they were. Front and center on the sale table, first thing I saw as I entered Youngs. Right there. Waiting. The favorite toe. The right heel. And my size. The only pair left. And black. I'd wanted a black pair. And red. How can one pass up red? And...won't these look great with my black jeans? Oh, and the price? Hm, let's just say I saved $100.00.

A deal? You betcha. Those babies were just sitting there waiting on me.

After all, I only get to Valentine once a year.

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