Saturday, September 06, 2008

Family Stories, Family Recipes - The Cookbook

The best thing about Family Stories, Family Recipes, is that it is written by you, your friends, your colleagues, and your family.

Oh sure, as the author, I'll add those those touches and embellishments that provide flavor (no pun intended) to the project, and possibly even provide a touch of statistical evidence about the "families that eat together, stay together" concept. I plan to talk about oral tradition and "passing down" though families. Sharing stories and recipes is a family tradition.

But the vast majority of the content in this book will be provided by you. That's right. I need your stories and your recipes! Tell me about those favorite family foods. You know the ones. The dishes you HAVE to have at a family gathering. The candy your grandmother always made for Christmas. Your go-to dinner party entrée. The special way you make that grilled cheese sandwich for your kids.

But wait! There's more. Man does not live by recipes alone. I need your stories, too! So, your grandma makes the best coconut creme pie ever--but don't you have a great story that goes along with that, too? Like the time she made the pie and no one ate the crust? And the dog carried it outside and buried it?

Yeah. Those kinds of stories. Send me those slice-of-life vignettes, those humorous anecdotes, those warm and toasty stories of times gone by. It's all about the food and the story and the family. That's it! Easy as pie, huh?

How to submit? Send an email to me at and ask for the submission form. This form contains guidelines and permissions. Fill it out, send it in, and we're on our way!

So, start thinking, y'all, okay?

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