Saturday, September 06, 2008

FSFR - Submissions and Permissions Form

Family Stories, Family Recipes Cookbook

Please copy and paste this form into a word document, complete all information, sign, attach to an email, and send to: Thank you!


Email Address: (will not be included in the book)

Additional Line: (to be included in the book, for example: author of… website… title… hometown… etc.)

Please submit family recipes and stories that are related. We want to hear about your favorite foods for special occasions and gatherings, and the great stories of those family times. Be creative and have fun!

Recipe Title:

Your family recipe here: (this box will get larger as you type!)

Story Title:

Your family story here: (250-500 words)


By submitting my family recipe and story I agree/certify that:

  • The story and recipe submitted are not copyrighted material.
  • I grant permission for this story or recipe to be printed in the publication Family Stories, Family Recipes.
  • Editing will occur during the editorial/publication process.
  • My name/byline will appear in the publication as provided above.
  • My recipe/story is one small part of a larger project.
  • I submit the story and recipe voluntarily. I will receive no compensation, royalties or income from the sale of the cookbook, Family Stories, Family Recipes, should it go into publication.
  • There is no guarantee of publication, or of the length of time to create and publish the cookbook.
  • In thanks for my submission, I will receive a free electronic (pdf) mini-collection of recipes prior to the book’s publication.

Photo Release:

(photo optional) I have included a jpg photo with my submission. I grant permission for use of the photo with my story and/or recipe.

Blog: Would you like your recipe/story considered to be featured on the Family Stories, Family Recipes website in the coming year? ____yes ____no

Please type your name:

Signature: “/s/ type your name here /”


Note: A percentage of the royalties gained from sale of this cookbook will go to the National Center for Family Literacy.

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